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Mr green – Seite 4 von 5

mr green – Seite 4 von 5

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Mr Green – Seite 4 Von 5 Video

Anna Reacts to Assault

While reading the truck's manual, he states "I seriously doubt he's getting this kinda mileage". Eventually, Hamm and the other toys are able to rescue Woody and are able to return home in a stolen baggage carrier.

Porkchop" in Andy's western play opening sequence, appearing in a giant pig-shaped spaceship to rescue One-Eyed Bart and thwart Woody and his gang.

Later, when the toys are accidentally thrown out, Hamm is angry, believing that Andy threw them out on purpose. He escapes with the rest of the toys to Sunnyside Daycare, where he is initially happy to be played with, but dismayed as he realizes the toddlers are too rough.

Later that night, Hamm and his friends realize that Woody was telling the truth about Andy. When the toys are imprisoned by Lotso and his henchmen, Hamm is shown to be able to play the harmonica.

When Woody comes back to rescue the toys from Sunnyside he quotes "Return of the Astro-Nut" on Buzz being turned back to demo.

He helps the toys escape by fighting with Rex to distract Buzz, who has been switched to demo mode by Lotso, so that Jessie can trap him under a plastic container.

Hamm and Rex, being the heaviest of the toys, sit on top of the container to prevent Buzz from escaping. When Woody returns with Buzz's instruction manual to switch him back, Hamm reads the instructions while the others hold Buzz down.

When they were about to die in the incinerator, Hamm grabbed the hands of Slinky and Rex. Later, after the toys are rescued from an incinerator-related death at the dump due to Lotso's selfishness, Hamm, along with Slinky, wants revenge, but Woody talks them both out of it.

He is donated along with Andy's other toys to Bonnie, where he becomes best friends with Buttercup. He, as well as several of other characters across the Pixar Universe appeared in the post-credit scene of Cars as part of a homage and self-parody to Ratzenberger who voices the Mack Super-Liner in the film.

The scene involves the main characters of Cars going to a Drive-in theater and included automotive spoofs of scenes from Toy Story , Monsters, Inc.

In a advertisement for the United States Postal Service promoting Toy Story 3, Hamm wears a postal worker's hat while promoting the Priority Mail service; Ratzenberger is best known for his role as mailman Cliff Clavin on the long-running sitcom Cheers.

He also makes an appearance in the Toy Story 3 video game as the mayor in Toy Box mode. Rex is an excitable large, green, plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Rex suffers from anxiety, an inferiority complex and the concern that he is not scary enough. Rex's worst fear after Sid is that Andy will get another, scarier dinosaur.

He is among the largest of Andy's toys, and is often depicted as the heaviest. He is voiced by Earl Boen in the video games Toy Story 2: Although Rex is a toy dinosaur he dislikes confrontation and is sensitive in nature.

In Toy Story , he states that he was manufactured by a smaller company that was purchased in a leveraged buyout by Mattel coincidentally, real-life Rex toys used to be made by Hasbro , but as of are indeed made by Mattel.

He is first introduced when he moves Woody's doodle pad, then tries to scare Woody with his roar. When Buzz arrives, Rex is fascinated by his cool features.

Later, when Woody knocks Buzz out the window, he reluctantly sides against Woody out of pressure from the other toys. He is, however, a great deal less antagonistic than most of the other toys.

He later feels guilty when everyone discovers Woody was telling the truth all along. He gains confidence at the end, saying he could play as the dominant predator if Andy gets a leaf eater.

The beginning of Toy Story 2 , he is shown playing the "Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg" video game, which he loses, much to his frustration.

He is responsible for the toys seeing the commercial for Al's Toy Barn commercial when he accidentally clicks the remote control.

Inside Al's Toy Barn, he excitedly finds a "Buzz Lightyear" video game strategy guide, which he takes with him. He loses the guide later, but is still able to give Buzz two tips from the guide on defeating Zurg.

Potato Head spots his reflection in the rear view mirror. It is Rex's tail sticking out of Al's bag that later causes the real Buzz to go after them.

When the other Toys, led by Buzz 2 reach Al's Apartment, the toys use an unwilling Rex as a battering ram to break in against the unlocked grate.

When Zurg is about to finish off Buzz 2, he turns away, not bearing to look anymore, but his tail knocks Zurg down the elevator shaft, making him feel overjoyed about finally defeating Zurg for real.

While following Al to the airport on a pizza planet delivery truck, he serves as the navigator and tells Buzz which way to go since he can't see out the window while controlling the steering wheel.

Eventually, he and the others manage to rescue Woody and return home in a stolen baggage carrier. In Toy Story 3 , he is Woody's "Dinosaur who Eats Force Field Dogs" in Andy's opening western play sequence, where he frightens One-Eyed Bart and his gang with a terrifying roar, but is then overpowered by a flood of monkeys.

He is seen to be especially sad about Andy's lack of attention to the toys, expressing joy when Andy touches him for only a few moments. When the toys are initially left for the garbage pickup, he is ultimately responsible for saving them when they use his tail to rip a hole in the garbage bag.

He is initially happy to be at Sunnyside, and is visibly sad when Woody leaves, but becomes dismayed after a rough playtime with the toddlers, commenting "Andy never played with us like that!

Later, at the garbage dump, Rex is the last to escape the shredder, only barely escaping when he grabs onto a broken fan. He discovers a source of light thinking that it's daylight, but Woody convinces him that it's not; it's the light of the flame from the incinerator.

When the toys are finally given to Bonnie, Rex becomes close friends with Trixie the Triceratops. In an outtake of Toy Story 2 , when used as a battering ram, Rex hurt his head when banged against the locked grate.

Rex makes an appearance in an outtake of Monsters, Inc. Rex is a playable character in the Toy Story Racer video game. Slinky Dog usually called just Slinky or sometimes Slink is a toy dachshund with a metal Slinky for a body, who speaks with a southern accent.

Slinky's head, feet, and tail are plastic and he is missing his pull string. Slinky also has a green collar. Slinky Dog is based on Slinky , a pull toy by James Industries, which was popular in the s, s and early s.

With the permission of James Industries, Slinky Dog was partially redesigned for the film by Pixar artist Bud Luckey to make him more appealing as an animated character.

In Toy Story , he likes playing checkers with Woody, usually choosing the red side. Slinky is shown to be the most loyal to Woody and stands up for him when Potato Head complains.

Slinky is fascinated by Buzz, along with the rest of the toys, but does not make fun of Woody when Buzz arrives like the others do. When Woody knocks Buzz out of the window, Slinky is one of the few toys who believes it was an accident.

Later, when Andy notices Woody is missing, he and Bo Peep are worried about him, in contrast to the others, who are glad he's gone.

Later, he attempts to help when Woody throws a chain of Christmas lights from Sid's house to Andy's, but Potato Head stops him.

Even Slinky appears to give up on Woody when he pretends Buzz is with him but accidentally reveals his broken arm. He is stretched almost to the point of breaking when helping rescue Woody and Buzz on the moving truck, but is fixed by the end of the film.

His springy coil is used as a bungee cord when the toys jump from the roof of Andy's house. When the toys break into Al's apartment, Slinky uses his spring to hold Jessie and Bullseye back by coiling them up so the toys can safely rescue Woody.

After Al packs up Woody and his Roundup gang and heads for the airport, Slinky, stretching down from the elevator ceiling by Buzz, Hamm and Potato Head, reaches for the case that contains Woody, and almost manages to save him, but is thwarted by the Prospector.

While following Al to the airport on a pizza planet delivery truck, he operates the truck's gas and brake pedals.

They manage to reach the airport and use a pet carrier to get inside. When a girl approaches them mistaking the toys for a puppy , Slinky barks to scare her off to prevent their discovery.

After rescuing Woody, they return home with the rest of the group in a stolen baggage carrier. In an outtake, he is seen petting his own hind section and talking to it.

In Toy Story 3 , Slinky has a smaller role compared to the previous two films. He is the only original character that had to be re-cast due to Jim Varney's death , and was replaced by Blake Clark with a professional Jim Varney voice in this film.

At Sunnyside Daycare, Slinky has been tangled up by the young children. Later that night, Slinky reveals that Woody was telling them the truth about Andy's intention to store the toys into the attic.

Slinky and his friends are imprisoned by Lotso's gang. He is shown to be the happiest toy to see Woody return, and assists him in subduing the Monkey toy who monitors the security cameras.

When the toys reach the dumpster, Slinky stretches himself to create a bridge for the toys to climb across to safety, although they are stopped by Lotso.

When the toys end up at the dump, Slinky is the first to be taken up by a magnetic ceiling due to the metallic section Slinky of his body.

When Lotso betrays the toys and leaves them to be burned up in the incinerator, Slinky is the first to follow Buzz in joining hands in acceptance of their fate.

After the toys are rescued by the Squeeze Toy Aliens, he and Hamm are the most vocal about wanting to get revenge on Lotso for leaving them to die before Woody convinces them Lotso isn't worth it.

He is eventually donated to Bonnie along with the rest of the toys. Slinky reappears in the short film Hawaiian Vacation , in which he acts as a hotel porter as part of Ken and Barbie's Hawaiian adventures.

He also appears in Small Fry and Partysaurus Rex. He does not speak in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins , silently appearing along with Jessie in one scene.

Potato Head often referred to as simply Potato Head is a Brooklyn-accented doll based on the real-life toy Mr. Potato Head by Playskool. He is an outspoken and sarcastic potato-shaped toy: He also has a compartment on his lower back to store extra appendages.

He is capable of retaining control over his parts even if they are several meters away from his main body. For example, he can still see if one or both of his detachable eyes are removed, as well as being able to move his hands if they are detached.

The same thing applies to his "Mrs. While this attribute is mostly used for comedic effect i. Then, when Andy gets the Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday he becomes fascinated with all of Buzz's features and ridicules Woody for not having a laser like Buzz as well as Woody's pull-string.

After Buzz is knocked out of the window, Potato Head perhaps due to his jealously towards Woody, and wanting to reclaim his long lost favorite toy position blames Woody for kicking him out, thinking that Woody might do the same to him if Andy plays with him more often, and turns the other toys against Woody and leads a mutiny with them.

When Woody reveals himself at Sid's House later, Mr. Potato Head convinces the others to refuse to help him, still assuming that Woody attacked Buzz.

But when they are packed up Mr. Potato Head is still unhappy because he is stuck with Rex as a moving buddy and put in a moving truck.

Later when Woody catches up with them and tosses RC onto the street to rescue Buzz, Potato Head, still distrusting Woody and perhaps still eager to reclaim his favorite toy position , orders the other toys to mutiny again, and "toss him overboard", however, when Bo Peep reveals that "Woody was telling the truth," the toys realize their mistake.

He decides to reform himself as an apology to Woody by holding Slinky's tail to help Woody and Buzz back at the truck but gets hit after Slinky's attempt fails.

At the end of the film, he is surprised to hear Molly receiving Mrs. Potato Head for her Christmas present and promptly decides to shave by removing his mustache.

Later, when they are going to leave, Mrs. Potato Head packs some extra pair of shoes and angry eyes on his back compartment. When the toys cross the street to Al's Toy Barn, they cause a semi to jackknife, and the chains restraining a large pipe on the semi break, freeing the pipe, which rolls down the street, during which Mr.

Potato Head gets one of his feet stuck in a chewing gum and has to pull his foot off the gum before the pipe can crush him.

After the toys break into Al's room using Rex as a battering ram, Potato Head attempts to frighten Jessie by reaching into his back compartment for his angry eyes, but attaches his spare pair of shoes by mistake.

When the toys leave the apartment after Al leaves with Woody, Potato Head throws his hat like a frisbee to jam the closing doors, letting the toys pass through.

Outside, he is the first to spot an idling Pizza Planet delivery truck nearby. While the toys chase Al in the truck, Potato Head and Hamm operate the truck's levers and knobs and are advised by three alien toys to pull the truck's gear lever to get the truck to move.

He later saves the alien toys from flying out the window. In the airport, when he sees the luggage area, he gasps and his angry eyes and pair of shoes come out after his compartment opens.

He feels annoyed when the aliens repeatedly express their eternal gratefulness towards him, but after the toys return home in a stolen baggage carrier, he reluctantly gives in when his wife wants to adopt the aliens, much to his dismay.

In an outtake, he is seen taking a dislike with the Barrel of Monkeys, saying he is "drawing the line at monkeys" and wants to call his agent.

In Toy Story 3 , Potato Head is resentful of the aliens, who still worship him for saving their lives. Potato Head is sad that Andy doesn't play with them anymore, and complains all that to Woody.

He is frustrated that Andy "threw them away", when he was actually going to put them in the attic. Again, Potato Head is the toy most doubtful of Woody when he and the other toys are almost thrown away by accident.

Potato Head is excited to get played with in Sunnyside. After a rough playtime with the toddlers, he and Mrs. Potato Head's parts are scattered on the floor, and he gets his parts stuck up a kid's mouth and nose.

Later that night, his wife Mrs. Potato Head through the other eye left in Andy's bedroom, spots that Andy is looking for his toys, making Mr.

Potato Head and the other toys shocked. When Lotso's dark attitude is revealed, he tries to defend his friends from Lotso, but Big Baby throws him into "The Box" on Lotso's orders.

The toys hatch an escape plan which Potato Head initiates by arguing with and distracting the captors, and he is thrown in the box once again. Only his smaller parts are able to escape, through a small hole.

He reassembles onto a floppy tortilla , checks if Lotso is sleeping and then gives the signal. Pecked at by a pigeon, the tortilla falls apart, and Potato Head rejoins the other toys using a cucumber for a body.

Bullseye returns his original plastic body to him. The toys manage to escape Sunnyside, and he and the other toys jump onto a garbage truck.

Eventually, they end up in a landfill, facing death in the incinerator. However, Potato Head and the toys are saved by his alien children, who he now accepts and declares himself to be eternally grateful, just as the aliens had told him when they met.

They eventually return to Andy's home and get washed. Potato Head then says his farewell to Woody before Andy comes into the room.

Potato Head is donated to Bonnie at the end of the film. Potato Head's actor, Don Rickles, however died in [1] so his voice actor is currently unknown for 's upcoming film, Toy Story 4.

It is stated on the Toy Story website that Mr. Potato Head was Andy's second toy. Voiced by Estelle Harris —present.

Potato Head is Mr. Potato Head 's wife and female counterpart. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Potato Head is sweet and not hot-headed or impatient.

Although mentioned as one of Molly's Christmas presents near the end of the first movie, she is not seen until Toy Story 2.

In Toy Story 2 , her husband has found her lost earring. Before her husband leaves with Buzz and his troops, she stores his "extra pair of shoes and angry eyes " into his back compartment.

She also warns the toys by saying "Don't talk to any toy you don't know! She becomes an adoptive mother of the three Squeeze Toy Aliens that Andy's toys had found in the Pizza Planet truck, as they will not leave because Mr.

Potato Head saved their lives. She is then happily watching Wheezy sing his version of "You've Got a Friend in Me" with her husband. In Toy Story 3 , she has a more central role.

She uses her ninja skills and her nunchuk to herd Woody to the back, and eventually off the train.

At the present time when Andy's toys all cram themselves in the toy box, Mrs. Potato Head loses one of her eyes. She is one of the toys who believe Andy threw them out on purpose.

They are later donated to Sunnyside Daycare. She and her husband experience a rough playtime with the toddlers at the Caterpillar Room. When the toys hear something from the halls, Mrs.

Potato Head uses her eye and looks under the door. She at first just sees the dark hall, but then she sees Andy looking for the toys in his room, due to the eye she left behind in Andy's house.

She tells the toys it truly was an accident that they were thrown away. When Lotso is revealed to be evil, Mrs. Potato Head complains about her chewed up pocketbook and yells at him when he calls her "Sweet Potato," along with telling him she needs more respect and having over 30 accessories.

But Lotso takes off her mouth. Near the end of the film, she is saved from death in an incinerator by her adoptive children, and much to her delight, her husband now accepts them.

She recovers her missing eye before she and the toys are donated to Bonnie. Even though she was Molly's Christmas gift in the first film, the second and third films imply that she is one of Andy's toys.

Potato Head reappears in the theatrical short film Hawaiian Vacation and acts as a tour guide for Ken and Barbie in their Hawaiian adventures.

She also reappears in Small Fry and Partysaurus Rex. Bullseye is a toy horse who was introduced in Toy Story 2. He is the first toy with which Woody interacted in Al's penthouse.

He was very happy to finally see Woody after a long time in storage. Bullseye is shown to loathe fights as he hides in a can when Jessie jumps on Woody.

He is also upset at Woody's intention to abandon the Roundup gang to return to Andy, as Bullseye does not want Woody to leave.

When Woody ultimately decides to return to Andy's room, it is Bullseye's loyalty that causes Woody to try to get the other toys to join him.

At the airport, after Bullseye escapes from Al's case, Woody and Buzz Lightyear mount Bullseye and gallop across the airfield to rescue Jessie from being sent to Japan.

Although Woody gets separated from Buzz, Buzz commandeers Bullseye to follow Woody, as they are seen galloping next to the wheels of the plane Woody and Jessie are on as it heads down the runway.

The mission finally ends when Woody and Jessie swing down from the plane and land on Bullseye right behind Buzz, seconds before the plane takes off.

After the toys return home, both Bullseye and Jessie become part of Andy's toys. Bullseye has every letter of Andy's name printed on the sole of each of his hooves.

Bullseye returns in Toy Story 3 as one of the remaining toys in Andy's room. He is still Woody's horse in the opening sequence and saves him when he falls off the train by One-Eyed Betty.

Bullseye's fast speed helps Woody catch the train and rescue the orphans. Bullseye is really sad when Andy wouldn't play with them anymore.

After Andy's mother thought the bag that the toys were in was trash, Bullseye and the toys manage to safely hide in a recycling bin.

The toys are donated to Sunnyside Daycare. At Sunnyside, he proves his loyalty to Woody when he makes clear he wants to stay with him.

He only stays when Woody tells him to since Woody doesn't want him to be alone in the attic. Bullseye is roughly tumbled over by a screaming toddler with a rolling wheel toy.

After the toddler play session, Bullseye is covered with paint and has a blue sticker in his snout, which is removed by Jessie.

When Lotso is revealed to be evil, he locks the toys up and shows them Woody's hat, making Bullseye miss Woody and sad he's gone. Bullseye is extremely happy when Woody comes back to Sunnyside and gives him back his hat.

The toys then plan an escape. Bullseye helps by going through the playground, carrying the aliens on his back.

He goes with Woody and is almost caught by Big Baby when Bullseye jumps and accidentally makes an alien fall and squeak. But they hide inside a pail safely.

The toys then go to the garbage dump, and Bullseye is the most desperate to escape from the incinerator. They are rescued by the three aliens.

At the end, Bullseye is donated to Bonnie, along with the rest of the toys. In Bonnie's room Bullseye changes the channel of a radio to a Spanish channel causing Buzz and Jessie to dance to the Spanish version of "You've got a friend in me.

Bullseye acts like a dog in many ways. Unlike most of the other toys, Bullseye cannot communicate in clear speech but sounds like an actual horse and uses body language to speak.

According to a character interview that used to be on the Toy Story website, Bullseye communicated with Jessie while in storage by tapping his hooves to yes or no questions.

They appear in all three films, and some were among Andy's toys after the events of Toy Story 2.

Similar to Buzz, they think they're real aliens. Though it is not certain whether they are male or female at first glance, they are identified in the third film by Mr.

Potato Head as "[his] boys," implying that all three are male. Inside the claw game are hundreds of squeeze toy aliens.

When Buzz asks who is in charge, the Little Green Men say "the claw", which belongs in the machine; the Little Green Men say that the claw will "decide who will go and who will stay".

Sid spots Buzz inside the claw game and tries to win him. Woody attempts to save Buzz and escape through the claw game's maintenance hatch, but the Little Green Men stop him and say that they must not fight the claw.

Near the end of the movie, the same Little Green Man is seen to be intact, and it helps Woody try to scare Sid by getting out of Scud's food bowl and walking like a zombie toward Sid.

In Toy Story 2 , a trio of them are hanging above the dashboard in the Pizza Planet truck. Buzz groans when he sees them, remembering them from the claw game in the first film.

When the toys are having trouble getting the truck to move, they tell Mr. Potato Head to "use the wand of power" the truck's gear lever , which they mistook for the control lever of the giant claw game.

They nearly fall out of the window, due to the sharp turns from Buzz trying to catch Al in his car. Potato Head saves them. The Little Green Men are thankful and hand him his ear.

Throughout the rest of the movie they frequently say "You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful," much to Potato Head's dismay.

The Little Green Men join the quest to save Woody and mistake the entrance to the baggage area for the "Mystic Portal". They chase after the luggage with Rex, Hamm, and Potato Head, only to find cameras.

Back home, the trio, along with Bullseye and Jessie, end up becoming some of Andy's toys. They say their gratefulness to Mr.

Potato Head, and Mrs. Potato Head is so happy that he saved their lives, so she suggests that they adopt them, with the Little Green Men calling Potato Head "daddy".

They reappear in Toy Story 3 as the "henchmen" under One-Eyed Bart and One-Eyed Betty, and serve as the getaway drivers during the western opening sequence and drive Barbie's corvette.

The car is destroyed by Buzz's laser and they are transported to Dr. In the present time, the same trio continues to express their gratefulness to Mr.

When Andy's mother mistakes the trash bag containing them as trash, she puts the toys on the curb, but they manage to escape the garbage bag.

They are donated to Sunnyside along with the rest of Andy's toys. The Little Green Men get sat on and bounced on during a rough playtime with the toddlers.

The toys plan to escape Sunnyside. They almost get caught by Big Baby because one of the Little Green Men falls off Bullseye and squeaks, but manage to hide inside a pail.

Later when Andy's toys escape, one of the Little Green Men's feet gets stuck in the lid of the bin at the bottom of the chute, possibly after being pulled by Lotso, who had been thrown in the bin by Big Baby.

Woody goes in to help, but after he helps the Little Green Man, Lotso grabs Woody's feet and pulls him into the bin just as the refuse truck arrives.

The toys are collected by the truck and subsequently sent to landfill. The Little Green Men are separated from the others by a bulldozer when they wander off, having spotted a crane.

Potato Head yell and try to warn them, but they are presumed to be dead after being crushed by the bulldozer. In the end, however, they are revealed to have avoided the conveyor belt and later rescue everyone from an incinerator with a giant claw crane for which the Potato Heads finally acknowledges them as his children, reciting their repetitive line, "You have saved our lives and we are eternally grateful.

During the end credits she is a cinema usherette and is seen giving out instructions to the audience. After a while she asks if everyone has gone and promptly stops smiling and complains that it hurts her face.

She then leaves for her break. In Sunnyside, she falls in love with Ken, but after Lotso's minions reset Buzz's personality, and reveal that they want to sacrifice Andy's old toys in order to protect themselves, she ingratiates herself with Ken in order to obtain the Buzz Lightyear manual that lets her friends reset Buzz to his original form.

When she stands up to Lotso by saying that being treated fairly is better than living under his rule, Ken switches his allegiance to her and her friends.

In the end credits of the film, they get back together and change Sunnyside, becoming its co-leaders, after Lotso is defeated.

Barbie appears with Ken in Hawaiian Vacation. They sneak out of the daycare and stowaway in Bonnie's backpack to go to Hawaii but Ken is disappointed to find out that Bonnie didn't take her backpack on her family vacation.

The gang creates their own Hawaiian paradise to cheer Ken and Barbie up. They share their first kiss outside and then get trapped in the snow.

Sarge also known as Army Sarge and Sergeant is the gung-ho commander of an army of plastic toy soldiers from Bucket O Soldiers and loosely based on his voice actor's role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the film Full Metal Jacket.

They are highly disciplined with a "Leave no man behind" policy and are masters of reconnaissance. Woody describes them as "professionals.

Davis accidentally steps on one of them. They announced the first few presents to the other toys in Andy's room through the monitors, but didn't get to tell them that Andy got a Buzz Lightyear action figure after Rex accidentally breaks the monitor.

However, they were able to warn them that Andy and his friends are coming upstairs upon Woody fixing the monitor. Sarge and his soldiers thought Woody was a murderer when he knocked Buzz off the window, so they "frag" him and each one of them attack Woody, along with the other toys.

In the moving van, the soldiers attack Woody when he pushed RC off the van, making Sarge and the toys think he's murdering him now.

However, Sarge sees that Woody knocking Buzz out the window was an accident, attempts to helps him on the van with the other toys, and is proud to work under Woody once again as shown at the end of the film when they hide in a Christmas tree and Christmas lights with the baby monitor to report to the toys what Andy and Molly are getting for Christmas.

In Toy Story 2, the role of Sarge is very minor. He first orders the soldiers to keep looking for Woody's hat in the toy box.

When Buster was about to come to the room, Sarge and his army held back the door with help from Rocky to prevent Buster's entry, but Buster bursts open the door, causing the soldiers to go flying everywhere.

When Woody alerts the toys about the yard sale occurring outside the house, he signals Sarge for an "emergency roll call" and Sarge orders the toys to line up in a single-file line.

Woody orders Sarge and his men to retrieve Andy's cellphone. That plan, however, fails, and knowing that Andy is going to get out the garbage bag, Sarge and his last two men leave Andy's room to find a better life.

Buzz believes they are going AWOL , but Sarge claims that their mission is complete, and that when trash bags come out, the Army men are always the first to be thrown away it's likely that the rest of the soldiers had either left prior to that day, or were sold in a yard sale.

They appear again at the end of the film where they land in Sunnyside, and possibly recognizing Barbie, begin a happy new life under Barbie and Ken's leadership.

Bo Peep is a porcelain figurine attached to Molly's bedside lamp inspired by the heroine of the famed nursery rhyme; a beautiful, sweet-natured shepherdess accompanied by a single figure merged to resemble three sheep, who serves as Woody's romantic interest of the films.

In spite of her status as one of Molly's toys, like Mrs. Potato Head she may fall under the category of Andy's toy. In Andy's games of imaginative play she is used as the damsel-in-distress of the stories, and she is depicted as gentle, ladylike, and kindhearted.

In the first film, after Woody's exclusion from the group when Buzz Lightyear started to attract more attention, she remained loyal to him rather than taunting him because of Buzz's rise in popularity.

After Woody accidentally knocked Buzz out the window, she was one of the only toys who did not antagonize him. She continued to show her attraction to Woody in Toy Story 2 , flirting with him while playing a minor role.

However, she did not return in Toy Story 3 , except in flashback footage, as, over the years, she had apparently been sold, much to Woody's distress, like a few of the other characters.

The particular reason for her disappearance was never disclosed officially, though Woody shows grief over her loss. RC is Andy's remote controlled buggy.

He has a green body with blue splash decals on the front. RC "speaks" with revving sounds, although Mr. Potato Head and the other toys can understand him regardless.

RC is a playable character in Toy Story Racer. When Woody becomes really jealous, he calls out to Buzz that there is a toy a magic 8-ball trapped underneath the desk.

Woody sneaks over to RC, starts him up, and tried to hit Buzz but misses. However, RC hits a board instead, causing thumbtacks on the board to fall and a globe to roll.

Buzz falls out a window when the globe hits a red lamp and swings around and hits him. RC says to the other toys that Woody accidentally knocked Buzz out the window.

RC then turns on Woody and thinks that he murdered Buzz. When Woody went to the moving van, he got RC out of the box and pushes him into the street and controlled him to rescue Buzz during the moving scene at the end of the film.

After the toys mistakenly think that Woody is trying to get rid of RC, they toss Woody out of the moving truck into the street. RC finds Buzz hiding under the car in the streets and is thrilled to see him alive and well.

Buzz controlled RC to catch Woody. Woody switched the remote to turbo mode to catch up with the truck, but RC's batteries deplete, causing him to slow down and finally stop.

Nevertheless, Woody manages to toss RC back into the truck knocking Mr. Potato Head apart in the process before he and Buzz go skyrocketing into the air.

In Toy Story 2 , RC has a very minor role. He was used when Andy played with his toys. With Buzz riding him, he crashed into Evil Dr. Porkchop and knocked him down.

He is not seen again until the end of the film, when he watched Wheezy sing "You've Got a Friend in Me". RC does not directly appear in Toy Story 3 , having seemingly been sold in a yard sale alongside a number of other toys.

Instead, he only appears via archival footage. Wheezy also known as Wheezy the Penguin is a squeeze toy penguin with a red bow tie.

In Toy Story 2, Wheezy is introduced when Woody finds him on the shelf. Wheezy was one of Andy's favourite toys until one day his squeaker broke. Andy's mom then put him on the shelf, intending to fix his broken squeaker later, but she forgot about him.

He is about to be sold at the yard sale, and in saving him, Woody ends up falling so that he is stuck at the yard sale himself and subsequently stolen by Al.

At the end of the film, he gets a new "squeaker" and sings "You've Got a Friend in Me," the ending theme of the movie. During the outtakes, he describes himself as "not a good catcher" as he fails to catch Mike's microphone thus hurting himself several times.

Wheezy does not directly appear in Toy Story 3 as he was sold in a yard sale after Toy Story 2 , as mentioned by Woody, but he does appear in footage of Andy as a boy Toy Story 3.

Etch can draw quickly and accurately. Such sketches include guns, portraits of Buzz, Woody and Al, and even semi-complicated maps.

This is his form of communication as he is unable to talk. In Toy Story , Woody compliments Etch's art by saying that he has the fastest knobs in the west.

He was also seen in the background many times, such as during the staff meetings and during Andy's birthday and Christmas gift opening scenes.

He became fascinated with Buzz during the middle of the film when he sketched a portrait of him. Angered by this, Woody erased it.

He apparently, like most of the toys, temporarily believes Woody deliberately knocked Buzz out of the window; he helps Mr. Potato Head threaten Woody by sketching a hangman's noose.

Potato Head and the gang to identify Woody's kidnapper, Al. Later on, when the toys were surfing channels to find the location on how to find Al's Toy Barn, Etch is seen in the back as he was ready to draw a map for Buzz.

Near the end of the movie, sometime before Andy comes back from cowboy camp, Etch, as well as the rest of the toys then including Jessie, Bullseye, and the Aliens , were aligned to welcome Andy home, with a "Welcome Home, Andy" sign written on Etch.

Etch was sold in yard sale years after the second Toy Story , was mentioned by Woody, and only appeared in the archive footage of Andy as a kid in Toy Story 3.

He frequently holds or has held seminars on a variety of topics such as "plastic corrosion awareness" and " what to do if you or part of you is swallowed.

When Andy's friends came to his birthday party, the toys panicked in thinking that they might be replaced with new toys and Mr.

Spell, along with basically everyone else aside from Woody, ran to the window in panic to see the size of the presents. Then later, when Andy's friends were running up to his room, Woody told everyone to go back to their places and the toys began to scatter and Mr.

Spell can be seen in the overhead shot running in fright and then again behind Mr. Later, after Woody is stolen from a yard sale, Buzz uses Mr.

Spell to help Andy's toys figure out who has stolen Woody. Spell does not appear in Toy Story 3. Rocky Gibraltar , more simply referred to as Rocky , is a figure of a heavyweight wrestler.

He is the second strongest toy in Andy's room, after Buzz Lightyear. Potato Head, and Rex. Rocky lifts the heaviest weights out of all of Andy's toys.

In the Activity Center computer game, he can be seen on the top shelf playing cards with Hamm and speaks in third-person , saying, "Rocky needs to work on brain muscles.

Potato Head's orders, spins Woody in the air and later tosses him off the truck personally. But when the toys realize that Woody's only use of RC is to help Buzz onto the truck, Bo Peep calls Rocky who then redeems himself by lowering the truck's ramp for them.

In Toy Story 2, Rocky, along with Sarge's toy soldiers, tries to hold back the door to prevent Buster from entering, but Buster rams the door open, causing Rocky and the soldiers to go flying.

Rocky is also seen holding Wheezy as Wheezy begs Buzz to rescue Woody and when waving Buzz and his rescue squad goodbye as they leave on their mission.

Rocky's name and a logo on his championship belt are references to the Rock of Gibraltar. Rocky is a playable character in the Toy Story Racer video game.

Lenny often known as Lenny the Binoculars is a pair of wind up binoculars. He is used as binoculars by the other toys in various situations and is talkative when he warns the toys what he sees on his watch and has a major role in Toy Story.

Lenny appears in Toy Story 3 through archive footage from when Andy was young. Lenny was sold, possibly at a yard sale, before the events of Toy Story 3.

Lenny is a playable character in the Toy Story Racer video game. Snake is a green and purple jointed rattlesnake toy who is best friends with Robot, as they are often seen together.

He has a major role in the first film. He is unable to talk, but he communicates through hissing. When Buzz was accidentally knocked out the window, he sided with Mr.

Potato Head against Woody. Later, at the end of the film, he and the other toys try to help Woody, Buzz and RC get back onto the moving van when they realized their mistake.

In Toy Story 2 , Snake has a very minor role in the film. He is first seen when Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, Etch and everyone else try to figure out who stole Woody.

He isn't seen again until the end of the movie where he watches Wheezy sing "You Got a Friend in Me". Shark and the other toys, but he made two cameos in the home videos at the start of the film.

Robot is an educational robot toy from Playskool. Unlike his best pal Snake, he speaks English. He is shown to be good with building blocks.

In Toy Story , he stands on his head for Buzz to run on his treads like a treadmill and also repairs his ship.

He is also one of the toys who turn against Woody when Buzz was accidentally knocked out the window. He and Rocky later throw Woody out of the moving truck, but then try to help Woody, Buzz and RC when the toys realized that they made a big mistake.

In Toy Story 2 , he assists Buzz in the yard sale role call and isn't seen again until later at the end of the film where he watches Wheezy sing "You Got a Friend in Me".

Robot does not appear in Toy Story 3. He was sold at yard sale along with Snake and the others, but he made a cameo in the home videos at the beginning of the film.

Shark is a blue rubber, squeaky shark toy who appears in Toy Story and Toy Story 2. The back of him is never seen because he spends most of his time in the toy box.

In the first film, he steals Woody's hat and imitates him before he takes his hat back. In Toy Story 2 , he is used as one of the death traps during Andy's playtime.

At the end of the film, he repairs Wheezy by finding him an extra squeaker. He was sold at a yard sale before Toy Story 3. Mike , also known as Microphone , is a toy tape recorder who helps Woody amplify his voice during staff meetings with his attached microphone.

In Toy Story 2 , Wheezy uses him as a karaoke machine. He was sold at a yard sale prior to the events of Toy Story 3.

See 'n Say is an educational animal toy that appeared in Toy Story. Whenever he feels strong emotions, his central arrow wheel spins rapidly.

This is his form of communication as he is unable to talk and just like Etch, Mr. Spell and Mike, he gets around by waddling on his stand.

See 'n say did not appear in Toy Story 2. Roly Poly Clown is a rocking, chiming clown toy with a painted jacket and hands and a party hat seen in Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

While not being able to talk, he mainly communicates through facial expressions. He also must rely on rolling around to get places since he doesn't have feet.

When not out, Roly Poly Clown resides in the toy box. Mike, Rocky Gibraltar, Mr. They are in the style of the Russian doll with a picture of five animals: Spell, See 'n Say, Lenny, Mr.

Troll is a Troll doll with pink hair and a blue bathing suit that appear in Toy Story and Toy Story 2. In the first film it became fascinated with Buzz and is seen lifting weights Tinker dolls with Rocky, Rex, Mr.

Potato Head, Robot and Snake. In Toy Story 2 it is seen alongside with Bo Peep to help for searching Woody's hat before Andy is about to go to the summer camp.

It is piloted by the Fireman Toddle Tots. The Hockey Puck appeared very briefly in Toy Story , right before the toys had a staff meeting.

He is not seen at the staff meeting, or anywhere else in the movie. These characters are the toys owned by Bonnie in Toy Story 3 and the short films.

Chuckles is a brokenhearted toy clown who was once owned by Daisy along with Lotso and Big Baby , and is later owned by Bonnie.

He is first seen mournfully looking out the kitchen window in Bonnie's house, where he tells Woody about Lotso's past, stating that Lotso used to be a good friend.

Chuckles explains that he, Lotso, and Big Baby were accidentally left behind on a trip with Daisy's family, and when they finally made it back to Daisy's house, both him and Lotso discovered that Lotso had been replaced, which caused Lotso to snap.

Chuckles objected when Lotso claimed all three had been replaced, but Lotso silenced him, and lied to Big Baby, saying that Daisy did not love him anymore.

After the three found their way to Sunnyside and Lotso took over, running it like a prison, Chuckles was damaged and Bonnie found him and took him home.

He still feels sorry for what happened to Lotso, but knows that what Lotso is doing at Sunnyside is wrong. He gives Woody a pendant which formerly belonged to Big Baby that says My heart belongs to Daisy, which later leads Big Baby to discover Lotso's deception and rebel against him.

In one of the end credits sequences, Chuckles sees a crayon-drawn picture of him, and Dolly says that "Bonnie really got your smile," making Chuckles happy again, for the first time in many years.

Chuckles returns in the short film Hawaiian Vacation and he sings a Hawaiian love song while playing a ukulele when Barbie and Ken get their recreated Hawaiian adventures.

He also appears in Small Fry. Dolly is a soft dress-up rag doll with purple hair, googly-eyes , an orange dress with buttons sewn on, and gently blushing cheeks.

In the Toy Story 3 video game , she is seen as a witch. It's indicated that she is the leader of Bonnie's toys. Pricklepants is a stuffed hedgehog.

He wears lederhosen and a Tyrolean hat , and views himself as a thespian. Pricklepants was made in Germany although he speaks with an English accent and actor's diction and is from the Waldfreunde Forest Friends collection of premium imported plush toys.

Throughout Toy Story 3 , he expresses great interest in theater arts and in the same respect, takes the art of role playing as a child's toy very seriously.

Buttercup refers to him sarcastically as "Baron von Shush" due to his habit of "shushing" the other toys when they break character.

During the credits, he plays Romeo , with one of the aliens playing Juliet. Trixie is a blue toy Triceratops.

She chats online with "a dinosaur toy down the street" who goes by the name "Velocistar Buttercup is a white unicorn with a yellow mane and a pink nose.

Despite his appearance, he has a very gruff voice and sarcastic personality. He is the first to introduce himself to Woody when Bonnie brings him home.

He later appears at the end of the movie, now very close friends with Hamm. Peas-in-a-Pod are three soft, plush green balls in a green zip-up case that looks like a pea pod.

They have the personalities of small children, and their names are Peaty, Peatrice, and Peanelope. The Peas-in-a-Pod reappear in the short film Hawaiian Vacation.

They also appear in Small Fry. A running gag in the film is Angel Kitty giving a moral about Christmas much to other toys' mostly Trixie dismay and joy.

She is mostly seen with a trumpet giving morals. Totoro , the title character from My Neighbor Totoro , who is also the mascot of Studio Ghibli , appears as one of Bonnie's toys.

He is a big plush toy and does not speak at all during the film, nor is he spoken to by anyone by his name. He does however display his famous grin during the credit scenes, and at the end of the film, he is seen juggling the alien triplets, while Mr.

Borlaug died of lymphoma at the age of 95, on September 12, , in his Dallas home. Borlaug's children released a statement saying, "We would like his life to be a model for making a difference in the lives of others and to bring about efforts to end human misery for all mankind.

The Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh and President of India Pratibha Patil paid tribute to Borlaug saying, "Borlaug's life and achievement are testimony to the far-reaching contribution that one man's towering intellect, persistence and scientific vision can make to human peace and progress.

Borlaug's long and remarkable life, we also celebrate the long and productive lives that his achievements have made possible for so many millions of people around the world Also in that year, he became a member of the U.

National Academy of Sciences. In , he was given an honorary doctorate by the Agricultural University of Norway.

In , he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the Norwegian Nobel Committee "for his contributions to the 'green revolution' that was having such an impact on food production particularly in Asia and in Latin America.

In , he was awarded a Peace Medal in the form of a dove, carrying a wheat ear in its beak by Haryana Agricultural University , Hisar, India.

In , he received the S. In , he was elected honorary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Also that year, he was recognized for sustained service to humanity through outstanding contributions in plant breeding from the Governors Conference on Agriculture Innovations in Little Rock , Arkansas.

Also in , he received the Henry G. He recently received the Charles A. Black Award for his contributions to public policy and the public understanding of science.

In , the University of Minnesota named a wing of the new science building in Borlaug's honor, calling it "Borlaug Hall. On 25 March , a statue of Borlaug at the United States Capitol was unveiled in a ceremony on the th anniversary of his birth.

This statue replaces the statue of James Harlan as one of the two statues given to the National Statuary Hall Collection by the state of Iowa.

In addition to the Nobel Prize, Borlaug received the U. As of January , Borlaug had received 49 honorary degrees from as many universities, in 18 countries, the most recent from Dartmouth College on June 12, , [64] and was a foreign or honorary member of 22 international Academies of Sciences.

In , the Government of India conferred on him its second highest civilian award: Several research institutions and buildings have been named in his honor, including: The stained-glass World Peace Window at St.

Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis , Minnesota , depicts "peace makers" of the 20th century, including Norman Borlaug. The president of a fictional African country describes the kind of " miracle " needed to save his country from the ravages of AIDS by referencing an American scientist who was able to save the world from hunger through the development of a new type of wheat.

Each player picks a few cards at random, and bets on whether one thinks one's card shows a greater person than the other players' cards based on a characterization such as humanitarianism or scientific achievement.

Penn gets Norman Borlaug, and proceeds to bet all his chips, his house, his rings, his watch, and essentially everything he's ever owned.

He wins because, as he says, "Norman is the greatest human being, and you've probably never heard of him. In August , Dr.

Borlaug Act of The act authorizes that Borlaug be awarded America's highest civilian award, the Congressional Gold Medal.

On December 6, , the House of Representatives passed the measure by voice vote. Borlaug has saved [is] more than a billion people" The act authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to strike and sell duplicates of the medal in bronze.

Borlaug was a foreign fellow of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. The Borlaug Dialogue Norman E. Borlaug International Symposium is named in his honour.

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Archived from the original on 3 July Archived from the original on 18 September An assistant to the family says she fell recently and never recovered.

Retrieved November 8, Science , 30 October ; Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding". Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity.

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The United States Mint. Laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize. United States National Medal of Science laureates. Behavioral and social science.

Roger Adams Othmar H. Anne Anastasi George J. Leonid Hurwicz Patrick Suppes William Julius Wilson Rose Sewall Wright Harlow Michael Heidelberger Alfred H.

Horace Barker Bernard B. Robert Huebner Ernst Mayr. Barbara McClintock Albert B. Neel James Augustine Shannon Hendricks Orville Alvin Vogel Seymour Benzer Glenn W.

Burton Mildred Cohn Bachrach Paul Berg Wendell L. Roelofs Berta Scharrer Stanley Cohen Donald A. Kandel Rosalyn Sussman Yalow Baruj Benacerraf Herbert W.

Mary Ellen Avery G. Evelyn Hutchinson Elvin A. Kabat Salvador Luria Paul A. Maxine Singer Howard Martin Temin Daniel Nathans Salome G.

Thomas Eisner Elizabeth F. James Watson Robert A. Bruce Ames Janet Rowley Raven Carl Woese Capecchi Ann Graybiel Gene E.

McKusick Harold Varmus Michael Bishop Solomon H. Snyder Charles Yanofsky Colwell Nina Fedoroff Lubert Stryer Collins Elaine Fuchs J.

Brinster Shu Chien Rudolf Jaenisch May Berenbaum Bruce Alberts Stanley Falkow Rakesh K. Albert Cotton Gilbert Stork Roald Hoffmann George C.

Stockmayer Max Tishler Bernstein Melvin Calvin Rudolph A. Ronald Breslow Gertrude B. Cram Norman Hackerman Thomas Cech Isabella L.

Rice John Ross Susan Solomon. Joanna Fowler JoAnne Stubbe Benkovic Marye Anne Fox. Klinman Jerrold Meinwald Paul Alivisatos Geraldine L.

Vannevar Bush John Robinson Pierce Presper Eckert Nathan M. Terman Wernher von Braun Morris Cohen Peter C. Goldmark Erwin Wilhelm Müller Robert Byron Bird H.

Bolton Seed Ernst Weber Harry George Drickamer Herbert E. Mildred Dresselhaus Nick Holonyak Jr. Quate John Roy Whinnery Mathematical, statistical, and computer sciences.

Kurt Otto Friedrichs Hassler Whitney Marshall Harvey Stone Herman Goldstine Isadore Singer Peter Lax Antoni Zygmund Raoul Bott Michael Freedman Martin David Kruskal Richard Karp Stephen Smale Cathleen Synge Morawetz Felix Browder Ronald R.

John Griggs Thompson Karen K. Leonard Kleinrock Andrew J. Golomb Barry Mazur Alexandre Chorin David Blackwell Lederman William Rubey Van Vleck Vladimir K.

Wheeler Saul Winstein Samuel Goudsmit Herbert S. Feynman Herman Mark Edward M. Lauterbur George Pake James A. Ramsey Jack Steinberger Schawlow Ed Stone Steven Weinberg Val Fitch Vera Rubin Albert Overhauser Frank Press Hans Dehmelt Peter Goldreich James Cronin Leo Kadanoff.

Cohen Raymond Davis Jr. Jason Morgan Edward Witten Brent Dalrymple Riccardo Giacconi Alpher Lonnie Thompson Fay Ajzenberg-Selove Charles P.

Berni Alder James E. Yakir Aharonov Esther M. Burton Richter Sean C. Founding members of the World Cultural Council. Bohr Norman Borlaug Harold G.

Hershey Gerhard Herzberg David H. Jones Adrian Kantrowitz Nathan O. Kaprio Vasso Karageorghis Peter E. Quenum Hermann Rahn G.

Ramachandran Gunnar Randers Chintamani N. Sears Frederick Seitz Leonard T. Snell Leonard Sosnowky Roger W. Padma Vibhushan award recipients.

Shantaram Shivkumar Sharma Umayalpuram K. Dhar Jyotindra Nath Dixit M. Gill Hafiz Mohamad Ibrahim H. Krishnaswamy Rao Pattadakal Venkanna R.

Parameswaran Amrita Pritam K. Jasbir Singh Bajaj B. Goyal Purshotam Lal A. Banerji Mirza Hameedullah Beg P. Ranga Ravi Narayana Reddy Y.

Patel Venkatraman Ramakrishnan K. Ramanathan Raja Ramanna C. Srinivasan George Sudarshan M. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

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Behavioral and social science s Biological sciences s

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